Apa itu Club-Asteria?

Club-Asteria adalah Program Keahlian Sejagat dimana keuntungan yang diperolehi adalah daripada perniagaan yang jelas (real business) dan diuruskan oleh Andrea Lucas, seorang yang benar2 berkelayakan dengan pengalaman keseluruhan lebih 30 tahun. Beliau juga bekas Pengarah Bank Dunia. Maklumat lanjut boleh rujuk website syarikat.

Alamat Syarikat..

Club Asteria, Asteria Corporation
1934 Old Gallows Road
Suite 350, Vienna, VA, USA 22182
Tel: 1-703-226-8097
Fax: 1-703-832-0772

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Club-Asteria bukan program pelaburan. Tiada aktiviti pelaburan dilakukan oleh pihak syarikat dan ahli-ahli diharap tidak memberikan maklumat yang salah. Sila hubungi pihak syarikat sekiranya anda perlukan penjelasan lanjut.

Berikut adalah huraian ringkas Misi Club-Asteria (CA). Maklumat lanjut sila rujuk website.
  1.  We povide educational tools and programs to our members...
    Ahli2 CA akan diberikan latihan, sumber dan program2 pendidikan untuk berjaya dalam kerjaya dan perniagaan.. usahawan
  2. We identify profitable business opportunities and new technologies...
    CA akan berikan peluang perniagaan yang menguntungkan dan menggunakan teknologi baru
  3. Partner with service providers....
    Dalam kes ni akan sediakan kemudahan penghantaran wang dengan cara yang murah, mudah dan cepat
  4. We offer discount shopping and discount travel opportunities.
    CA akan berikan diskaun kepada ahli2 untuk membelibelah dan pakej pelancungan
  5. To design and implement new electronic and mobile banking technologies...
    Kita boleh gunakan teknologi handset untuk buat banking transaksi kewangan..
  6. Offer Micro-financing/micro-credit...
    Antaranya kemudahan pinjaman kepada usahawan yang nak beli/sewa tanah pertanian/penternakan, kedai, jual produk/services etc..
  7. Support to children and struggling families around the globe....
    Membantu mereka yang memerlukan di seluruh dunia.. program amal kebajikan..
  8. Forum for intelligent expression and discussion...
    Forum untuk mereka yg cerdikpandai berbincang..
Siapa Andrea Lucas?
Andrea Lucas, CEO - Pengarah Urusan Club Asteria yang juga Bekas Pengarah Bank Dunia, International Finance Corporation, World Bank - Managed 400+ project for IFC, Negotiated Funding for the governments of Russia, Sudan, Yemen, Philippines, China and Cameroon and Managed Joint Venture Projects in Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. She also Chair Person Asian Development Consortium Inc, President - Development Coordinators Int'l Ltd, Published Author and PMD (Harvard), MBA, CPA, CMC. More about her at

Bukti Andrea adalah Bekas Pengarah IFC Bank Dunia. Klik untuk image lebih besar.

Bagaimana keuntungan diperolehi?
Apabila anda mendaftar dan login, anda akan lihat banyak senarai pautan disertakan seperti Exclusive tools, business tools, success tools, training, coaching, opportunities, travel, shopping mall, remittances dan sebagainya. Keuntungan hasil dari jualan tersebut akan dikongsi bersama ahli Club-Asteria.
Anda boleh lihat video Apa itu Club-Asteria dalam BI (jika tiada video, sila guna Google Chrome)

Apa itu Asterios?
Asterios adalah satu program seperti Points yang akan kita perolehi dengan pelbagai apabila menyertai program ini. Bonus mingguan yang diterima akan diberikan berdasarkan Formula 80/20 keatas jumlah asterios anda. Sila rujuk Plan-Perniagaan untuk maklumat lanjut

Apakah Produk Club-Asteria?
Dengan menjadi ahli dengan bayaran $19.95 sebulan, anda akan mendapat beribu koleksi e-Books, CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software, Audio Recordings, Informative Reports and Systems yang anda boleh download – dan menjualnya jika mahu. Kami ada lebih 10,000 tajuk yang bernilai lebih $7,500 yang kebanyakannya diberi hak untuk dijual semula (Reseller Rights). Satu nilai yang amat tinggi untuk pendidikan anda dan juga mendapatkan keuntungan tambahan!

Club-Asteria baru diperingkat Pra-Pelancaran (Pre-Launching) dan akan lebih banyak produk akan diperkenalkan.

Kenali Pengasas Club Asteria Andrea Lucas..


Surat #1

Berikut adalah Jawapan dari Andrea Lucas, MD Club-Asteria apabila ditanya oleh salah seorang ahli Club-Asteria dari Team Club-Asteria

Surat bertarikh: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 3:56 AM

Dear Support Group, Nowadays new members are cleverer than we all thought. They would ask me a lot of questions before committing themselves. Please give me the answers to these questions:

1) When was CA started and when the first member enrolled.

We started working on Club Asteria almost 3 years ago.

The idea came to us when we tried to get into the Debit Card business.  We were disillusioned by the greed factor – everyone just wanted to add fees for their benefit that actually increased the cost to the Debit Card holder.  We quickly figured out that would could make a difference in the lives of many people by helping them to send money home at greatly reduced rates via a low cost Debit Card system.

We continued to explore this idea and started at the same time to build the software for CA. We opened the doors in April 2010 as a Pre-launch and had immediately excellent results.

We expect to officially launch in early 2011 - when the new software and platform will be up to our specifications and all of our products, services, features and benefits will be included to make CA an absolute Power House.  We have teamed up with some of the top business advisors from the USA, Europe, India, New Zealand and Thailand, and together we are making contributions to our cause in the form of ideas, efforts and money to help Club Asteria to be properly launched and ready for the world to see and participate with. 

2) How long this program was planned ahead of launching  See above
3)Is the office building shown belongs to Club Asteria No, we are leasing space in it
4) where are exactly the addresses of the main office and the mailing address. Are they in USA. If so show with the map of USA   Both addresses are shown on our website.  Here is an interactive map of the address, Virginia and the US, and the World:

5) How many staff does Club Asteria have  We currently have 3 partners, 6 Admin staff and 9 Associated parties who provide outsourced work for us.
6) How good is the return of Club Asteria businesses all over the world on products, services and investment  We are not an investment company and do not accept investments from our members.  We are a referral based membership organization that offers programs, educational tools and services to our members to enable them to become entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can earn sustainable income.  We are happy with our returns so far and believe so are our members, as we share our revenues with them to help them achieve their goals of financial independence and security.

I believe these questions were asked for them to make initial evaluation (the strength and the greatness) of the Corporation. The answers to these questions are necessary to clear doubts and hence, getting new members joining us. Thanks Zulkifli (7701)

Surat #2
Berikut adalah e-mail yang dihantar oleh Club-Asteria kepada semua Network Director (ND) pada 2hb Nov 2010 dan kami rasa patut dikongsi bersama

Surat #2

Berikut adalah e-mail yang dihantar oleh Club-Asteria kepada semua Network Director (ND) pada 2hb Nov 2010 dan kami rasa patut dikongsi bersama
 Dear Network Directors,
I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for helping us to build our Club.  You are the backbone of our membership organization, the leaders and directors of our Club that we all look to for guidance and direction.  Thank you so much for your tireless support and assistance.  I am so proud of each of you for the excellent work you have done in informing all of our members and future members about the many benefits of being a member of Club Asteria.  Each additional member that we have join us further allows us to accomplish our vision.  I would like to take this time now to share our vision with you.  It will continue to be publicized via emails, on our social network sites and in future correspondence to our  members, but I wanted you, our cherished Network Directors to be the first to see this. 
Please read our vision statement carefully, as it is all of us who will make this happen.
We have a dream to accomplish that which government, big business and financial institutions have failed at for generations – that is in our life time to finally end the cycle of poverty that exists around the world.   We know that we cannot change the world over night and that we cannot solve every problem, but we can lead the charge and set an example for others to follow.
Our goal for 2011-2012 is to give away to the most needy people in the world 10,000 computers/smart phones, to build 1,000 fresh water wells for clean drinking water, to help support on a monthly basis 20,000 families living in poverty around the world, to provide 5,000 micro credit loans to entrepreneurs desperately seeking a better life, and to provide an entrepreneurial educational experience to over one million people.
We will accomplish this goal through the combined efforts of all of our loyal, dedicated members and our partnership agreements with our service providers.  Our goal is to bring our membership to 500,000 Gold and Silver members in 2011.  Our members will benefit greatly by being able to use their mobile phones to manage and transfer their earned commissions and uploaded funds to their loved ones all over the world and to be able to take advantage of the products and services offered through Club Asteria.  Club Asteria, in order to accomplish our goals, is committed to donating 100% of our share of the earnings from our financial partnerships and service providers.  These funds will be distributed to the Club Asteria non-profit organization that will manage and distribute the donations earmarked for 2011-2012.
The budget for the 2011-2012 donation goals is as follows:
10,000 computers/smart phones @ $500 each $  5,000,000
1,000 fresh water wells @ $5,000 each $  5,000,000
Supporting 20,000 families @$60 per month = $1,200,000 x 12 months $14,400,000
Giving 5,000 micro credit loans @$550 on average $   2,750,000
Providing education to one million people online Priceless
TOTAL BUDGET $27,150,000
 We could not do all of the above without your help.
There are several other areas where we would really appreciate your support. The first is that we are searching for additional products and services that we can offer to our membership for them to purchase and to market.  If you know of any products and services that would be of benefit to our membership, such as emerging technologies, new ventures that need assistance, any type of telecommunication or computer services and of course shopping and travel opportunities, we ask that you let us know.  In this way our members would be enhanced by acquiring great products and services and through our affiliate networking gain additional income.
In addition we are starting our entrepreneurial educational program this month.  If you have knowledge of any entrepreneurial educators who provides online training that you believe would be an asset to Club Asteria, we would very much like to hear about them.
We would also very much like to highlight each and every story of success, of reaching out and helping people around the world that you can share with us, whether it be through emails or videos.  It would be very helpful to our membership to showcase these examples so that everyone can see how they too could contribute to making a positive difference in the world.
As you read the above rest assured that we have just started our efforts here at Club Asteria. We have a long and exciting future ahead of us. Together we will change the world and set an example for others to follow in a manner that we can all be proud of. 
Thank you so much,
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

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